When is the best period of the year to visit Florence?
Spring time is the best period to visit Italy, the days are longer and weather is milder, September and October are also beautiful months, with generally nice weather. But these months are also the most crowded, as everybody likes to visit Florence in these periods! July and August are the hottest months of the year, August is actually low season for hotels, as during this period the Italians flock to the beaches. If your main interest is art and you wish to visit many museums in a quiet moment, then November, December (except Christmas time) and January are your months.

What do I need to bring?
A good mood!Please wear casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes. We encourage you to bring water with you especially during summer months.

Do we go to restaurants?
Yes, we will stop in a typical trattoria to try a local dish.

What's included in the price?
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► All Tastings

What happens if I am late to the meeting point?
Our tour is joinable and it's not right for the participants to wait. The tour starts at 9:30 - please check in advance the best way to reach our meeting point on time. Also please remember that organized tours run on a schedule and you'll need to respect the given times at each place.

It is possible to purchase during this tour?
Yes,if interested there will be time to purchase and also at the wine shop there will be the possibility to ship the wine.

Are bathrooms available during the tour?
Yes bathrooms are available at several of the food tasting locations.

And if there is bad weather?
Our Tour operates Rain and Shine!


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